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Friends of Emmet (F.O.E) have been writing, recording & touring for the past three years. Originally from Dublin, Ireland they are now based in Los Angeles. The band members are Mark Leddy (vocals) Brian Lynam (Guitar) Keith Geraghty (Bass) Tim Boland (Guitar & Keyboards) & Gary Sullivan (Drums).

FOE are set to release their debut album ‘State Of Mind’ in March 2014.



Several tracks from the album have already been licensed to major TV dramas in the UK and the USA such as “Hollyoaks” & Eastenders for Ch.4 and BBC in the UK and Jersey Shore, The Pauly D Project, The Real World & Friendzone for MTV in the US



The lead track on the album ‘Coming Apart’ is a tribute to Kevin Hines (Author of the book Cracked Not Broken) who attempted to take his own life at the young age of 19 yet survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Hines is one of the few to ever survive the suicide plunge from 245 feet above the water. Upon hearing about Kevin’s story the band found themselves inspired by the turn of events and wrote “Coming Apart”. Hines also features in the video for the song



F.O.E have spent considerable time building up a following on both sides of the Atlantic. At present six of the bands tracks are receiving airplay in Countries such as America,  Canada, Scotland, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, England, Wales, Peru, South Africa, Germany, Ecuador Belgium ,New Zealand & Ireland to name a few


Friends of Emmet deliver passionate and eloquent lyrics melded with epic harmonies that are positive mood inspiring songs.



FASA are delighted to bring Friends of Emmet to Belfast for the launch of their debut Album



All Proceeds go to the new FASA Out of Hours Crisis Response Service – The Nightingale 


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