Friday 10.30pm



…where the music comes from


A night sure to unearth some awesome renditions of long forgotten classics and modern hits whilst showcasing some phenomenal talent

A whole new look at how local music is presented in Belfast… Think of a real life live lounge scenario, in the Empire, on a Friday night and its free!

Roots Feature


Friday 31 March

Since forming in 2009, Crow Black Chicken have earned back-pats aplenty for their charming Southern sound, most notably after their performance on the BBC Introductory Stage at Glastonbury in 2011. This power trio of Christy O Hanlon (Vocals, Guitar), Stephen McGrath (Bass) and Gev Barrett (Drums, backing vocals) combine elements of folk and hard rock with the blues rock of bands like Gov't mule, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin to create their greasy no bullshit blues rock sound.